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Carpendale Agri is a vertically integrated grain production, storage, and logistics operation situated in Australia’s Prime hard wheat, barley and sorghum growing region with proximity to the Port of Brisbane.

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Carpendale Agri Farms comprise of approx. 20,000 hectares of farming land, producing wheat, barley, sorghum and chickpeas in rotation on an annual basis. Precision farming techniques are used, in a holistic approach to achieve higher yields while maintaining sustainable farming  practices and ensuring longevity.

Silo, commodity and storage


The Carpendale Agri Grain Complex located in Goondiwindi stores and handles Carpendale Agri and local growers’ produce.  Storage capacity is 120,000mt comprising a mix of silo and bunker storage with infrastructure for drying, grading and containerisation for export.

Grain truck


Carpendale Agri operates a fleet of company owned prime mover and trailer combinations. This business supports the commodity coming into and out of the Complex ensuring a seamless production to delivery experience.  The business also transports commodity for external customers using company trucks as well as a number of contractors.

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