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Your Premier Grain Production and Logistics Partner   Carpendale Agri stands as a distinguished and vertically integrated grain production, storage, and logistics operation nestled in the heart of Australia’s prime hard wheat, barley, and sorghum growing region, with convenient proximity to the Port of Brisbane.

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Spanning approximately 18,000 hectares of fertile farming land, Carpendale Agri Farms meticulously cultivate a diverse array of crops including wheat, barley, sorghum, and chickpeas in a rotational cycle. Our commitment to precision farming techniques and a holistic approach ensures not only higher yields but also upholds sustainable farming practices for the longevity of our land and the environment.

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At the Carpendale Agri Grain Complex in Goondiwindi, our state-of-the-art facilities serve as the cornerstone of our operations. With a robust storage capacity of 170,000 metric tonnes, our complex features a blend of silo and bunker storage options, complete with cutting-edge infrastructure for drying, grading, and containerization tailored for seamless export processes. We take pride in safeguarding both Carpendale Agri’s produce and that of our local growers with utmost care and efficiency.

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Operating a dedicated fleet of company-owned prime mover and trailer combinations, Carpendale Agri’s transportation division plays a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth and efficient flow of commodities to and from our Grain Complex. Our commitment to excellence extends to supporting the entire production-to-delivery journey, guaranteeing a seamless experience for all stakeholders. In addition to serving our internal operations, we extend our transportation services to external customers through our fleet and a network of trusted contractors. At Carpendale Agri, we are more than just a grain producer – we are your trusted partner in quality, sustainability, and reliability. Join us on this journey as we continue to redefine excellence in the grain industry.

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