Agronomy Services

In-house Agronomy Services ensuring the best soil & fertiliser solutions.

In 2019 the Carpendale Group made the decision to incorporate in-house agronomy as a service to Carpendale Farms and third-party clients. This enabled the Carpendale Group to have better control of the more marginal soil types across the aggregation.

Across the Carpendale Farms aggregation approximately 15% of the soils are sodic constrained. With the addition of the in-house agronomy, the business can accurately identify these soil types through GPS and drone technologies. Adding focus onto these soil types and properly understanding the constraints this type of soil has from a yield perspective will enable the business to continue to achieve the “1%” improvements that set Carpendale apart. By improving the 15% of sodic country to become more reliable it also assists with soil biology, better water holding capacity resulting in the production of superior crops, better yields and greater profitability.

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