Helen has always been creative, and after supporting the farm for years in the office, this Agricultural lady decided she needed to express her creativity through her work.

So here I am now exploring my creative to another step.  I was never great with writing but always loved to talk.  So now I am talking to you all through my blog.  My creative flair started very young with the love of hair styling friends and cousins hair.  Then my Mum and Grandma introduced me to sewing and craft.  I was always surrounded by amazing home cooks.

During high school I did home ec and loved and achieved very good marks. Once finishing Highschool I started my Hair dressing apprenticeship.  I would also we helping mum and Grandma cook sew and do handy work aswell.

While being creative I find it my happy place so I try to do some everyday.  When my children were young I did not find much time for sewing or craft but now they can look after their selves I thought it was time for me to get creative again.  

Being on the farm there is some long nights when they are out doing tractor work so I found I would create during this time.  My husband told me a few years ago to start making Wheat heat packs but at that stage the children where very reliant on me and I was doing the book work for the farm and we wanted to grow our agricultural business(there was no time for Wheat packs!)  So I put the wheat packs on hold until the end of 2020 when I stepped back out of the office because we had staff that were more efficient than me. I was Cheering!! I could start being creative again.

So Harvest was about to start I started to create the Wheat packs!! 

2020 is history now looking forward to exploring my creativity in 2021.

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