February 2020.  This year started with a challenge!  The domestic sewing machine and overlocker I was using choked up!!  I took my machines in for servicing and they told me it would be a month until they are fixed…  So, I had to make the hard decision on purchasing a new machine and overlocker to keep the business going.  This day was the first day of our family holiday.

 I started to stress.  Took a few deep breaths and discussed the situation with my husband (an amazing sounding board he is) and my mother as she has the experience of sewing under her belt.  Holidays consisted of looking into new machines and lots of sunshine and time with my family!

The sea breeze and the waves crashing is a place I love to be. This gave we time to think and reminisce. One big thing was I was attached to the sewing machine because it was Grandma’s and I thought I had broken it.  I could not come to term of throwing it away.  I felt she was still with me when I was using it.  Anyway time has fixed this problem and trialling an industrial machine made an easy decision for me. I have Purchased a New industrial straight stich sewing machine and a 5 Thread Industrial Over Locker.  Wow they are amazing!  I am getting Grandma’s machine repaired for a spare, so I still have it close to me.

Holidays came to an end and I had made the decision on the sewing machine and over locker. I made the trip back home to the open space of my country haven and sorted out my sewing space to fit the machines in.  The weekend passed then went back to the big smoke with a ute to pick my brand new machines.  It was a 12 hour round tip and picked up my Mum on the way to have another set of eyes learning how to use these machine and company for half the trip.  A Memorial Day for Carpendale Creative!  Let the new chapter begin! New Machines and New Product to be launch this month! 

Bye for now and talk again next month.  Follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

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