These words can be used in a lot of different ways.  I find these words motivating!

Driven Person.

Driven to Work.

Driven to the Drink!

So in the country we drive everywhere.  Our Car is like another room of our house.  So it has to be cleaned and you spend a lot of time in this area.  Which means you have time to think, discuss, create and damage this area.

I find this space best used for thinking and discussing.  Most of the time spent in our car can be silent or with the radio playing the ABC as we do not get any other channels. So the first trip in the car of the day is to the bus stop.  This drive is 1.3km. This drive is a very different drive to being in a city. We have a gravel track with pot holes and 2 gullies to get to the bus stop. The first person we see in the morning is the school bus driver which we wave to or have a quick chat to every morning.  Quick chats are usually around rain/ weather which control our lives.  This is the biggest variable in our business!  Then off to the office!  Usually all packed up for the day first thing in the morning as travelling back home for lunch is a 10km trip and 8mins drive.  Being organised in the morning means time saving for the day.  Otherwise you feel you are driving all day and not getting anything done.

So a wave to the bus driver and off I head to the office in front of the bus,  A wave to the next bus stop family and then straight into the thought process of the business day. On the drive to the office I get to see wild life, trees, trucks, cars, caravans, crops, stock and open spaces. The best part is I get a wave from the vehicles I pass.  Drive into the office and fronted with the day ahead of me.

These days can always be filled with many different jobs.  The creative business I am developing now, but around me is the rest of the Carpendale Family (team)!  It could be grain handlers, operators, truck drivers, tractor drivers, mechanics, agronomists, administration officers and of course my husband the Manager of Carpendale.  Everyone in our business spends a lot of time driving or being driven.

So once the day is done in the office I would drive to town for the children’s sport (once a week).  I find this a time for me to reflect on the day and what has driven me crazy and what are the next tasks on hand to conquer!  Thinking about the next creation or hurdle I have had with my new business.  I find I usually get the answer by the time I get to town! Time in the car driving I find, is the best time for brain storming!

Once the jobs are done in town and the boys have done their sport, home we head.  In the car driving again! A time for discussion of what everyone’s day entailed then usually go back to silence.  Time to reflect and plan for the next project.

 I always feel driven to create something new or improve something I have already created.  People around me also make me driven.  My husband is a very driven person and keeps me in line when I start to take the wrong or rough track!  Questions like how many wheat packs have you sold this week?  Have you thought of this?  What about that?  Also our boys are my motivators.  It is important to me to show them that you have to work hard and smart in life to achieve your goals and to be driven through your passion helps this!  As a mum, most mothers could relate to me by saying you are driving me to drink! The children just stop and look at you…

Being Driven to the drink is not something that happens often, but having a drink with a friend and reflecting on our lives puts everything into prospective! We all have challenges we need to over come but we also need to look at the achievements we have conquered!

“Driving” and “Driven” are just part of this Carpendale Creative Lady’s everyday life!

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