There are many boundaries in our lives.  Sometimes we like to test them and sometimes we do not!

Well, the last couple of months I have had to test my boundaries and challenge myself to achieve results.  These times can be hard and interesting.  We talk of our children testing our boundaries, but you know we test the boundaries every day too.

With the start of Carpendale Creative I love the creative part of designing and making the Wheat packs but to sell them I have to push my boundaries and market the product and myself.  This does not come naturally to me.  I know my product is good and it relieves the pain for a lot of people but how do I sell this to make sure people know it works? I feel this causes me pain.  Which I struggle with.

So, with the support of Mum, I went to the first markets with my products.  This was in Toowoomba.  I had the family support around me which made me more comfortable but I need improvement!  I got a lot out of this experience and I covered cost (confirmed by my sons).  At the next markets I will tell my story more and be more confident in myself to talk abut the product more.  Pushing my boundaries is what I have to do to sell more of my products.

Carpendale Live Prices