So, we all start as a child!

I had the honour to know one of my great grandmothers known to me as Granny. Granny nearly made it to 100! Child, parent, grandparents, great grandparents are all important parts of our lives. I learnt a lot from all these generations, some things amazing and some lessons not so good. As a child we are like sponges and take all information in and try new things.  I think my childhood was well balanced, growing up on a dairy farm and having parents, grandparents and great grandparents around me. I was also  brought up with good values, which I have lived by so far!

Grandparents play a big role in teaching some of life’s lessons.  I know I learnt a lot from my grandparents and was so lucky to have spent valuable time with them.  I have fond memories of holidays at mum’s parents place in the tomato packing shed.  Grandma Bob would always make us the tastiest pikelets and cake you could ever imagine. I would always help her and learn her tricks! 

As my dad’s parents lived on the dairy farm with us, we saw them all the time.  Grandma Duncan was always happy to show me what craft she was working on or happy to teach me a new craft skill.  I much preferred being with Grandma Duncan learning craft than milking cows!

Once I married my husband and moved to the Goondiwindi property, Grandma Duncan gave me her old sewing machine.  I was very happy to have this machine as I knew how to use it as I learnt on it!  I made a few different things on this machine including curtains, our boys’ christening gown and hazard flags.

Our boys have been lucky enough to send time with their grandparents as well as knowing some of their great grandparents. They would say to me, is it great grandma with white hair or grey hair? It is so special to me that my boys have had the opportunity to have known their great grandparents and have had interesting conversations with them.

Today is our eldest sons’ 15th birthday and memories coming flooding back to me this morning when celebrating today as I had my grandfathers’ funeral the day before his birth.  This was the loss of my first grandparent.  I feel blessed to have had all the generations in my life and all the lessons they have taught me. I would not be doing Carpendale Creative if it was not for Grandma Duncan.  Thank you for all the machines, skills, knowledge and support you gave me over the years and the memories we shared together.

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