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Specialising in Hand Made Australian Wheat Bags made from wheat grown, and wheat bags made at Carpendale. They can be used either warm/hot, in the microwave or frozen cool/cold, in the freezer.

Hot therapy heat packs assist with both relaxation and pain management and provide relief for muscle pain and stiffness in joints. Heat therapy increases your circulation which in with appropriate stretching exercises, helps improve or optimise your flexibility and your joints’ range of motion.

For abdominal and soft tissue pain, heat stimulates the nervous system and this “overrides” the message of pain naturally. Heat also increases blood circulation, thereby decreasing pain as well.

Cool Therapy is best in the first 48 hours after an injury. Generally a fresh injuries become swollen and inflamed and cool therapy will decrease the blood flow to the injury, decreasing swelling and inflamation. Possibly decreasing recovery injury time.


Wheat bags for healing!

Wheat bags promote gentle healing, inexpensively, easily and are friendly to the environment as they are reusable. Very soon we will have a range of Carpendale Wheat Bags available here.

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