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Carpendale Group is a 5th generation farming enterprise with origins in horticulture in the Lockyer Valley in the 1890’s before transitioning into broadacre grain farming in the year 2000.  Under the leadership of Managing Director Andrew Kluck, 3200 hectares of sheep grazing country was purchased in Goondiwindi in the year 2000.  

Andrew’s vision was to develop an efficient grain production enterprise that used precision agronomy techniques to optimise sustainable yield. The land has been successfully transitioned and expanded from the original holding with opportunistic acquisitions to amass the current 12,000 hectares producing 20,000mt of wheat, barley, sorghum and chickpeas in rotation on an annual basis.    

Designed & 
Built by Farmers

 The Carpendale Group has grown over time with the development of;

  • A grain storage complex with the ability to receive, store and export grain on behalf of the company and third party customers
  • A trading and marketing section to add value to the company’s grain production as well as third party customers
  • A transport business that owns trucks and manages another fifteen to twenty sub contractor trucks
  • An agronomy business supporting the Company’s assets along with third party customers 

The Group has been designed and built by grain farmers for grain farmers. The company offers end to end integrated supply chain management solutions utilising paddock to plate methodology with end customers both domestically and internationally.   

With one phone call the Carpendale Group can supply to growers a streamlined, fully integrated whole farm grain solution including, grain marketing prior to, during or post- harvest, manage logistics from farm to the Carpendale Complex before delivering to the best paying domestic or export buyer.  The Carpendale Group is one of the few supply chain managers in Australia who can offer this. 




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