Storage & Handling

Carpendale Commodities Complex

The storage and handling complex (“Complex”) has a total capacity of 90,000MT with through-put of 150,000MT. It comprises a mix of bunker and silo storage.   The Complex design incorporates grain testing and permits segregation of “out of spec” grain. Options of drying, grading and fumigating are available to maximise value from the harvest.  The state-of-the-art site design provides for fast in-loading and out-loading while providing the ability to ensure the quality and integrity of all grain passing through the complex. The Complex receives Carpendale Farms production and grain from family and corporate farming operations within southern QLD and Northern NSW regions.

The Complex is an AQIS (Australian Quarantine Inspection Service) registered.  This allows the company to inspect and export grain from the Complex. The company’s containerising business has the capacity to pack 1,000MT per day or 20,000MT per month. 


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