Storage & Handling

Carpendale Commodities Complex: Elevating Grain Storage and Handling Excellence



The Carpendale Commodities Complex stands as a pinnacle of storage and handling excellence, offering a total capacity of 90,000 metric tonnes and a throughput of 150,000 metric tonnes. The complex features a blend of bunker and silo storage, designed to optimize efficiency, and preserve the quality of grains passing through its facilities. From grain testing and segregation to drying, grading, and fumigation options, the complex is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities to maximize the value of each harvest.

Advanced Site Design

At the heart of the complex lies its advanced site design, tailored for fast in-loading and out-loading processes while ensuring the quality and integrity of all grains. The strategic layout enables seamless operations and meticulous quality control measures, guaranteeing that every grain passing through the complex meets the highest standards of excellence.

Regional Reach and Collaboration

The Carpendale Commodities Complex serves as a hub for Carpendale Farms’ production and grains sourced from family and corporate farming operations within the southern Queensland and Northern New South Wales regions. This collaborative approach fosters strong partnerships and supports the local agricultural community, reinforcing Carpendale Agri’s commitment to sustainable farming practices and regional growth.

AQIS Registration and Export Capabilities

As an Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) registered facility, the complex is authorized to inspect and export grains, ensuring compliance with rigorous quality and safety standards. Additionally, the company’s containerizing business boasts the capacity to pack 1,000 metric tonnes per day or 20,000 metric tonnes per month, facilitating efficient export processes and expanding market opportunities for Carpendale Agri.

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